StartUP52 provides a platform for aspiring entrepreneurs with a product or service to initiate the process from ideas2action™.

Entrepreneurs will be provided the opportunity for unlimited access to our invaluable partner and vendor network, marketing and advertising, and consulting programs through our services and membership program.

“We want to provide not only an opportunity for people to develop ideas, but to help them activate – activate those ideas and generate exposure for them via YouTube commercials, interviews, etc.” said Duane Thomas, a StartUP52 business activation team member. “An investor is looking to invest in people – people and their passion to activate an idea; that’s what we plan to showcase via StartUP52.”*

Our GOAL..

To provide coaching, consulting – project based, networking with existing and potential entrepreneurs, promotion via entrepreneurial stories within the site and e-book (Activating Ideas), regional conferences,  meetings, and trainings. Most importantly, is connecting your needs with local, regional and/or national partners (professional services, financial entities, producers and suppliers) to allow you the necessary aide in initializing your ideas2action™. ALL of this available through the StartUP52 membership.

ALL entrepreneurs receive a FREE** feature story, video posting, and initial consulting session.


Located in the heart of Appalachia – Contact us via email at


*quote from Create WV Conference, Press Release, September 19, 2010

**feature story and video will be posted for one week

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